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Welcome to the home of the Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance (AIHA), a not-for-profit Association that was registered as an Incorporated Association with NSW Fair Trading on 23 January 2015.

The Purpose of the Alliance is to represent all people and organisations interested in any aspects of industrial hemp and associated products at a national level in Australia, in order to develop and grow all aspects of the industry. There are also various Industrial Hemp Associations in a number of States in Australia, some of which are members of the AIHA.

Currently our members are operating in the areas of food, fiber, hurd and medicinal. We are looking to expand our membership in these and other areas.



Hemp foods are now legal for human consumption in Australia, since the FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) were approved by the Federal Government in April 2017.  This is a landmark for the industry as hemp foods can be profitably grown on smaller size holdings. The benefits of hemp foods (seed, oil, flour and protein) are that they are contain Omega 3 and 6 in the correct ratio for human consumption. Hemp foods are high in protein (20%-30%) and essential vitamins and minerals.

Australia has a perfect climate for hemp grain crops. The expansion of food production and processing has economic and social benefits for rural Australia. This relates to products marketed in Australia and for export. More



Hemp fibre is obtained by separating the outer skin (bast) from the woody hemp hurd. This was traditionally done in the field through a process known as “retting”. Advances have been made and this is now achievable through decortication of material directly at harvest.  This improves the fibre quality and cuts down on wastage.

Hemp fibre has a number of important uses, most commonly in clothing and accessories. Hemp clothing is hardwearing and has natural antiseptic qualities.  Hemp is finding increased favour in the fashion industry. Fully manufactured Australian hemp clothing will require a significant investment in infrastructure and machinery. Hemp fibre is also used in making canvas , ropes, twines, matting and insulation. More



Hemp hurds, also known as shives or hemp wood, are a product from the inner woody core of the hemp stalk. Once separated from hemp fibre the hurd is   broken into pieces, where the grade depends on the purpose for which the hurd is used. 

Hurd can be used as stock in paper-making and in particleboard for building and insulation. Hemp hurd is also used for  bedding for animals, most notably horses.

Hemp hurd provides the base material in making hempcrete. When mixed with a binder the hurd can be used to create hempcrete in the form of bricks or poured into formwork. Over time this hardens  to be a material that is hard, fire and pest resistant. It also continues to absorb CO2 as it undergoes “carbonisation”.More



Whilst the AIHA was formed in 2015 primarily to facilitate the development of the hemp fibre and hemp seed food industries in Australia, when the Alliance was established there was also a commitment made to ensure that as and if needed, the Alliance would support the development of an ethical medicinal cannabis industry in Australia.

Medicinal hemp can be manufactured from industrial hemp (def: <1% THC) where CBD and other cannabinoids are extracted from hemp leaves, flowers and stalks.  In 2016 the the Office of Drug Control (a department of the Therapeutic Goods Administration) made a series of presentations to interested parties. The rulings proposed do not favour the rapid growth of a domestic industry and restrict exports.More

There are many other areas where hemp can be used. Hemp is a valuable source of biofuels. Hemp can also be used in biocomposite materials to replace plastics in applications as diverse as automotive panels and surfboards. There is also research underway to replace graphene in industrial batteries with hemp filaments.

Hemp absorbs more CO2 than any other, broadacre,  crop and draws heavy metals from soils. It is therefore a great means of sequestering carbon and rehabilitating derelict land. This also means that crops for food and medicine need to be grown in soils that are not contaminated and in areas of low pollution. This is an advantage that Australia has over countries with less stringent environmental regulations. Due to hemp’s capacity to absorb CO2  hemp growers and manufacturers can be largely carbon neutral.




Australian Hemp Masonry Pty Ltd (AHMC) supplies Australian developed and manufactured BCA compliant Hemp lime construction materials for commercial and residential applications. AHMC also specialises in hemp building advice and training.



Creating the vision of an environmentally sustainable future for all utilising the amazing fibre that is Hemp. Hemp is to be used to provide environmentally sustainable raw materials, processed with basic equipment into food, clothing, housing and fuel, giving self-sufficiency and independence. We believe every day should be appreciated with not a moment taken for granted. From the second you wake up, through a busy day, to an evening at home, our products greet you in the morning and put you to bed at night. They are your lived in luxury. Something you use everyday and enjoy every single time.



VitaHemp is the largest Australian Grown Hemp Food Group. Sectors include supplying sowing seed to farmers throughout Australia, provide agronomy and variety support. We process (Hull) raw Australian grown Hemp seeds with in Coolum Beach, Queensland. Hulling is a process of removing the outer crunchy shell from a highly nutritious inner kernel.



Zelios is a vertically integrated producer, processor and bulk distributor of hemp-derived CBD oil. As a large-scale extractor and global supplier, Zelios is prepared to meet the demands of our rapidly growing industry. Applying innovation and creativity throughout the supply chain, we are a company determined to exceed the expectations of customers worldwide – and equally determined to exercise leadership by actively advancing our industry responsibly, creatively and sustainably.