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2018 Australian Industrial Hemp Conference

This major national conference is taking taking place in Geelong from Feb 27th to March 2nd 2018.

This conference features expert speakers from Australia and overseas.

The AIHA will be an exhibitor as will AIHA Member Hemp Gallery (http://www.hempgallery.com.au)

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People in the industrial hemp industry have been working towards the legalisation of hemp grains and oils for many years. The legalisation of hemp foods in April 2017 is a landmark for the industry.


Bob Doyle- President of the Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance wrote the following in an email:-

Hello all,

It is excellent news for all of us achieving Hemp Food Approval.

I write this email to those actively involved in the industry.

There are people who have been involved in this process a long time before our family got involved and have continued to be involved with a lot of effort and diligence.  I feel like singling out a few for a special thanks but doing so would be dangerous because I would leave some out.

There is no question some individuals have driven the process hard and we will all reap the benefits of those efforts.

A big congratulations and thankyou for all the hard work.

There will be many opportunities at all levels of the industry.  It will require a collaborative effort for each sector of the industry to reap the potential rewards all have been seeking.

More than ever it will be important we use the opportunity the Alliance creates to allow the development of the potential of this industry.   Our competition should not be  within the industry. Our primary competition  are other food groups.    Our constraints growing crops are similar all over Australia and New Zealand.   We need to continue to develop collaboration.

We have heard people talk about food grading systems for grain, oil and meal.  Now is the time to encourage that discussion again within the industry to develop an Australian standard.

There has been a great buzz with approval of food that will help the whole industry.

Thanks to all.


RJ Doyle


Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance


Charles Kovess Comments in the Sydney Morning Herald

Charles Kovess, a member of Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance, said the news was a boon for Australia’s fledgling hemp industry, from machine manufacturers to farmers.

The international market for hemp foods is estimated at $1 billion annually.

“It’s a wonderful decision,” said Mr Kovess. “It’s disgraceful that it’s taken our politicians so long.”

Read the article here: http://www.smh.com.au/business/consumer-affairs/health-ministers-approve-the-legalisation-of-hemp-for-human-consumption-20170427-gvttq3.html








Bob Doyle Interview in the Newcastle Herald

Vacy farmer Bob Doyle produces hemp fibres at his property and had also begun to produce hemp grain crops for export before the change to the Food Standards Code last month.

Mr Doyle, who is also the president of the Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance, said the opening of the domestic market for hemp food products provided a wealth of opportunity for Hunter farmers.

 “Now this has come through, the domestic market will just give people a lot more confidence,” he said.

“It’s a very high value grain, relative to your traditional cereal – wheat, barley those sorts of grains. It means that at the moment, with the value of the grain, you can grow it on a much smaller scale.”

Mr Doyle said there was an abundance of dairy and former dairy farming land in the Hunter that would suit hemp production. Read the full article here:-